Monday, March 23, 2009

Downhill From Here

I have heard some news that is making me crazy…mentally mad. Researchers from the University of Virginia have determined that we reach the summit of our mental abilities at age 22. And some of our mental abilities, including reasoning and speed of thought, begin to decline significantly at age 27. It's all downhill from here. So by my calculations…at my age now, I’m basically a dolt. There is no hope for me. And what if I live to be 80 or 90? A Bumbling Stumbling Idiot.

That’s gets me thinking…what incentive do I have to exercise and remain healthy into my golden age? (I’m still wondering why they call them golden?) Now I have the best reason ever to not work-out.

I always knew a college kid, at age 22, was at the peak of his mental abilities. Especially the kid who after a night of binge drinking, throws up on his shoes and passes out behind the couch. Regular Einstein.

Good thing John McCain was not elected President. According to this study…McCain would be dumb as rocks. YIKES. An utter and complete moron. According to the UVA research, if elected, he probably would be sitting at his desk in the Oval Office playing marbles with the ones he lost.

Who would have thought the twilight years began at age 27. (Why do they call them that?) Now it seems we should be getting those AARP cards sooner. If we are gonna have senior moments in our late 20s…then bring on the discounts.

The study suggested that we may need to begin therapies to prevent cognitive decline associated with old age at a sooner age. So how do we keep all our mental abilities…and not end up as stooges? “They” say doing activities that challenge your mind will help: crossword puzzles, mind-teasers, sudoku, balancing my check book that hasn’t been balanced in 7 years.

The main reason I even write this blog is to keep my mind working. Yeah, that’s the reason. It has nothing to do with getting sheer pleasure from writing pure unadulterated nonsense. I figure if I blog for the next ten years…I might not actually be as stupid as I would otherwise be ten years from now. I will only sound stupid. Write ON Kat!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am hysterical. Ever think about stand up? :) LL