Wednesday, March 18, 2009

With The Economy and Such...

If the idea of skimping, getting by, and making do makes you sick…then you better take 2 aspirin and go to sleep for the next few years. The Frugal Doc is IN.

Hello shabby chic. The catch phrase, “With the economy and such” is perfect (thank you Linnyj and Mickster) when you want to emphasize that during this recession/ depression/’re a little more cognizant of your spending and you’re holding back with your expenses:

“With the economy and such”…it’s in vogue to scale back and not go for flashy or big ticket items. And just when I was gonna purchase a Lear jet for myself…I can’t. Now I have to keep flying with all the other cattle on Southwest.

“With the economy and such”…it makes sense to order the house wine…go Butch…I mean, Dutch….and split entrees when you go out to dinner unless your sharer is coughing wildly.

“With the economy and such”…you might want to frequent Sardis less frequently.

“With the economy and such”… you might want to put your purchases in unmarked shopping bags that you have brought with you to high-end stores…all the stars are doing this.

“With the economy and such”…you might think to buy cubic zirconia instead of real bling…unless you are Terrell Owens.

With the economy and such”…you may want to leave your personal trainer behind and run your own personal behind.

Hopefully President Obama’s stimulus package stimulates the economy soon. Until then, we are left conserving our dollars….pinching our pennies….and nursing our nickels. Conspicuous consumption is OUT…Copious conservation is IN.

As you can tell from this non-stimulating blog…There is one thing you do not need to be economical about at all. That is the saying: “With the economy and such”…

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