Thursday, March 12, 2009

4 x 6 of Brianna

Pictures are my thing and I have albums that chronicle every year since PaulA and I were married. I also have great memories, which are just as vivid, never yellow with age and I can take them with me. I have a 4 x 6 of Brianna imprinted in my memory…one that I always carry with me…one that I will never, ever…never forget.

On June 5, 1991 a gorgeous summer day, our Sweet Wish was born. We were all so thrilled, and Chelsea and Colin couldn’t wait to go to the hospital with PaulA to meet their new baby sister. A change of plans. Friends, who were taking care of Colinboy and Chels, noticed that Chelsea had chicken pox forming on her stomach…making Colinboy next in line. A sibling visit to the hospital was totally out of the question.

When we brought our sweet Wish home, we put her in a cradle in our bedroom...away from the caped chicken pox duo who were officially banned from all contact. Luckily for us…and especially me…my mother drove down from Vermont to help with the great germ fiasco.

My mother entered our bedroom to meet her new granddaughter. We both stood over sweet Wishy’s cradle…hugged and wept tears of joy…in awe of Brianna…with her beautiful peaches and cream complexion and her sweet pursed lips…a face of a cherub.

Brianna’s angelic face as she slept in her cradle…her first day home…

I will never, ever…never forget it.


Anonymous said...

I was waiting for the third one...these are beautiful blogs Kat! You're an awesome mom. Hugs, LL

Anonymous said...

lot's of 4x6 of her on birthdays - she has always loved a BD party - as we know they are more like BW's - birthday weeks - i've got a 4x6 in mind in her high chair w bd hat and lots of ice cream all over the place - with of course a big smile!