Thursday, March 5, 2009

AIG, Go To Your Room!

“AIG is a huge, complex, global insurance company attached to a very complicated investment bank, hedge fund that was allowed to build up without any adult supervision.” Quote by U.S. Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner.) AIG is in HUGE trouble…and we’re telling mom and dad.

AIG has been acting like a teenager. When the ‘rents go out…the kid goes crazy. Basically AIG got a Keg and set it up in the basement. Got 400 blue plastic 16 oz cups. Pulled out the beer pong table. Found speakers to blast some great tunes( And sent out a mass invite on Facebook to 400 close friends. “Hey…no one is home…partaay.”

A party with zero adult supervision. A party out of control. AIG was right there dancing in the middle of the mess…wild drinking, rockin’ music, chairs broken, beer spills, and sticky floors.

So what did AIG do after their party? Nothing. What could poor AIG do now? AIG was incapable of doing anything. Everything was so destroyed…and AIG wasn’t sure where to turn. So the rents were left with the disaster…spilled beer, tossed plastic cups, blown speakers, broken furniture, and someone’s tossed cookies behind the couch.

The rents were left no alternative but to come in and clean everything up…put everything away, dole out lots of cash, and make nice-nice. No sense crying after spilled beer.

The whole time AIG had the rents fooled. The rents had believed in AIG…took his word…and all his promises. The rents thought AIG was mature enough to look after himself and be responsible. Now they realize they were wrong.

From now on the rents are left to question what AIG says, restrict what he does, and keep an eye on him. No more nice guys………

“AIG…you are grounded. Go to your room.”

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