Thursday, March 26, 2009

He Says. She Says.

I don’t know about you, but I find reading about some wealthy couple squabbling over money during a nasty divorce disgusting. I know I shouldn’t read the article…but it is hard to resist…right there on the front page. All their dirty laundry exposed for everyone to examine. A couple of dirty Polo socks, and striped Givenchy underwear.

I have to admit, there is an element of intrigue. He’s George David, a retired UTC CEO, age 66, and she is a Swedish countess, age 36. The news article refers to a lot of finger pointing on both sides…a lot of he says…she says. I say…I’m happy PaulA isn’t a UTC exec and I’m not a countess…although I say, 30 years younger than PaulA would be nice…and He says, he agrees.

It seems the unhappy couple signed a post nuptial agreement 2 years after they were married. That was a good sign things were headed to court right there. She says, he coerced her to sign the post-nuptial. He says, “no I didn’t. “ (He speaks in short sentences.) No children are involved. I say, both of you cut the crap…and split the difference and give some to AIG…they are looking for hand-outs.

The problem is you don’t know who to feel sorry for more. The poor rich guy who wants to lose the biotch…or the poor rich girl who stands to be living on Easy Ain’t Life Grand Street.

I am NOT saying she is a gold digger (besides diamonds are a girl’s best friend), but she did sign a contract. She is now claiming the amount in the contract is not enough to meet her $53,000 a WEEK (yes, a week) expenses which include:

-$27,300: Mortgages and maintenance fees for Park Avenue penthouse, Hamptons retreat and properties in Sweden
-$8,000: travel
-$4,500: clothing
-$2,209: personal assistant
-$1,570: horse care
-$1,480: domestic help
-$1,500: entertainment and restaurants
-$1,000: health and skin care
-$600: flowers
-$650: dry cleaning
-$250: personal trainer
I think I could become domesticated for $1,480 a week. Throw a saddle on me.

George David's Weekly Expenses – total $206,592 include:
Undetailed mortgages and fees on residences
-$7000: entertainment and travel
-$2,500: clothing
-$1,695: car service
-$863: books, magazines and newspapers
-$636: club dues
-$575: bank charges
-$337: yard care
-$71: wine

In review of Mr. David …or is it Mr. George’s expenses (confusing with 2 first names)…. I think he needs to spend more money per week on wine. 71 dollars …is nothing. Heck, one bottle of fine wine could easily cost 71 dollars. By my calculations…one bottle 7 nights per week….is only 10 dollars a bottle. That’s what a bottle of Fat Bastard Chardonnay goes for.

I have a little something to say to George David…”The Countess Dracula is right…you are cheap. Cough it up, Dude.”

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