Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who Gives a Twitter?

Do you twitter? Do you tweet? Do you even know what the hell I’m talking about? I thought about dabbling in twitter…so I set up a twitter account with a twitter name of…katHERE. Heck Kat was already taken…and so was Kat1-100!

Then I thought: What the hell? What do I need to be doing this for? I’m more of a twit than a tweet anyway. Basically, why do I need to know 24/7 what other people are doing? I barely know what the hell I’m doing. And why do I care? And why would anyone care what I’m doing 24/7?

Twitter allows you to either be an exhibitionist or a voyeur…or both. You can post public updates on your life in 140 characters. It’s like a big “Away Message.” “Taking a shower and using my new shampoo.” Or you can follow someone else’s life. That way you can compare twitters and see who is having the better life…minute to minute. I wouldn’t want to compare my twitter with Oprah’s.

The only twitter I would be interested in following would be that of my kids. But I can guess…I’m the last person they would want following them. Heck, isn’t it enough I can reach them by cell, im, text, email, blackberry, and blueberry?

Maybe twitter is made for the young…or someone doing important stuff like a project for work and sending out updates to everyone. The only project I (should) have going is to clean out my basement…but who wants those updates? katHERE: throwing out Kat's clothes from college.

But then again...maybe I should twitter (As you can see…I’m experiencing twitter dilemma) because it would just sound soooo cool. “Yea…I twitter. I’m cool.” But once people got a peek at my tweets….they might want me to keep my tweets to myself.

katHERE: writing a boring blog about twitter…What do you expect from a twit?

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big C said...

I saw ...join FACEBOOK!. WOO HOO!