Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Say It Ain't So

“Hello, I’m Barack Obama.” When some people speak…they get your attention immediately. They have you at “hello.” I think President Obama is a great speaker and totally captivating. With one teeny tiny flaw…..he occasionally makes grammatical errors. Say it ain’t so, Mr. President!

Look, here’s the thing (Obama always says that)…The President has been using “I” when he should be using “me.” Barack will say…. “Michelle and I” …when it is grammatically correct to say “Michelle and Me.” Not cool. What is cool is: “Me and Julio down by the school yard.”

You know…it could be worse. Obama could say, you know, every other word like Caroline Kennedy, you know. You know, her ridiculous use of, you know, during the NY Senate race might have had something to do, you know, with why she dropped out…you know.

Obama, however, has not ambushed the English language like Former President Bush. Bush should have been given a linguistic lashing…for his lack of command of the English language. You could predictify that Bush was going to botch some word up in every speech.

Gosh Dern Golly Geeez….at least Obama hasn’t pulled a Palin with his speech.

Look…here’s another thing…sometimes Obama can get a little too casual in his speech, and say something my kids would say. For example, when he said “I screwed up.” That just doesn’t sound very Presidential. Bush never would have said that….HAHA…I set myself up for that.

Look, here’s the other thing…at least as a blogger…ummmm….no one expects I as a hack blogger to have, you know, great command over the English langrage. I would not be expected to have prefect gramatiker skills. Golly, geez, who cares if I screw up anyway? You betcha, wink…wink.

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