Friday, March 20, 2009

Electric Blog

A man from a neighboring town was recently arrested for operating a marijuana factory in his house. He had 200-300 plants in various stages of development. The police raid on his home was due, in part, to the amount of electricity he was consuming. (Hey, do I have your attention?)

Wow…that guy’s electric bill must have been through the roof. It has to take a lot of electricity to grow that much pot inside your house. It’s not like we live in Arizona and get a lot of solar power. He probably kept his growing lights on 24/7 to keep all his pot plants thriving.

I just never realized the Power company was looking that closely at our electricity consumption. Big Brother is watching our every move. This makes me take a closer look at my own bills. What do my electric bills tell the company about me?

A review of Kat’s electricity consumption: Moderate usage during the week. Very low usage on the weekend. Heck, the power people could be calling me any minute about the discrepancy. I would have to explain to them that on Saturdays and Sundays… I don’t cook, do laundry, iron, run the vacuum, dishwasher, or electric mower (if we had one).

The twist to this news story is….marijuana man was using near ZERO kilowatts. And that is exactly what tipped off the electric company into doing an investigation. After the police searched his house, they discovered he had rigged up something to steal electricity. Free electricity. So now he has to go to court for the drug factory stuff…AND stealing.

He is in double trouble. And you can be sure the electric company is gonna come down hard on that guy. It is one thing to grow 300 marijuana plants in your home, but it is quite another to steal electricity from the Power company right under their nose. Nothin’ pisses them off more.

Now I’m getting worried that I might get a call from the electric company about the discrepancy in our voltage usage. Asking me why my usage is so low on weekends.

Yikes. The Power company might be sending out someone in the near future. I need to start increasing my voltage usage on Saturdays and Sundays. I know…this calls for more high def. television, margarita blending, and weekend blogging. That should do it.

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