Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

“Ye take the high road…And I’ll take the low road... and I’ll be in Ireland afore ye." (I took the liberty of changing the words. You say Scotland…I say Ireland….Close enough.) So I’m taking the low road today and posting an excerpt from last year’s St. Patrick’s Day blog. I’m in a wicked pissa hurry to get over to McTarget and get some wearing of the green.

Paddy PaulA likes to say to me: “The next best thing to being Irish is marrying Irish.” I admit, St. Pat’s Day is the one day of the year I wish I was an Irish lass with red-hair and freckles. But other than St. Pat’s Day…I am fine being the English/Welcher that I am. See…I don’t like a lot of Irish stuff …other than green beer and potatoes. Not really a fan of Irish songs and jigs. Let’s face it Irish clog dancing is kinda goofy. And Irish food isn’t my taste…corned beef and cabbage …nasty combo. But on St. Patrick’s Day, I am right there with the rest of the Irish-posers…wearing “the green” and my blinking “Kiss Me I’m Irish” button. Yep, right there with the rest of them singing “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”, enjoying a green beer, and passing a blarney stone.

On St. Patrick’s Day when the kids were little and believed just about anything we told them…(back when we could really mess with their minds)…the leprechaun would visit our house in the wee morning when they were sleeping and turn everything green. (Well, turn everything green that we could add green food coloring to.) They would find green milk for their cereal, green bottled water, green mashed potatoes, and the best yet…a kid’s dream…green water in the toilets. It was Christmas in March…they would run from one bathroom to the other…checking out the toilets to see if the leprechaun had left them his calling card. Lucky for them…a little green was all they found.

So “Top of the morning to you”… “May love and laughter light your days”…. “May the road rise up to meet you”…and whatever else Irish people say.

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day…the day when everybody is Irish.

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big C said...

I always looked forward to the green milk, toliets, etc!!! Best mom ever!