Thursday, March 19, 2009

OMG, It's Brad Pitt

Hey, I hear Brad Pitt was visiting the White House two weeks ago and turned the place inside out and upside down…regular chaos. (And I don’t mean Get Smart style.) In seeing Pitt, Senators and Congress people were running around giddy with excitement. They were falling all over themselves and each other just to get a peek at the Pitt. I was surprised to hear they would go that gaga over seeing a star, but apparently they did. Their excitement resembled that of a 10 year-old girl seeing a Jonas brother.

And I’m not just talking the women at the White House…I’m talking about the men too. Brad Pitt even had a few men a little weak in the knees. But how could they help themselves…with Pitt showing up at the White House looking all Hollywood with his dark sunglasses. They immediately flocked to him…like Kat to cake…looking for autographs and for his Va va voom wife.

I see this as a big problem in the future. You see, Obama has a lot of Hollywood stars who want to come to the White House and rub elbows with the President. Obama is seen as a cool guy. He’s young and likes to cut an Oval rug with Michelle. They enjoy dinners and music…so I see a lot of parties going down.

Now how’s anything going to get done? With Hollywood stars like Pitt showing up to these festivities…there will be a major cog in the wheel of regulation. Government will slow and nothing will get done. We can add that to the list of why things can’t get done in Washington.

It was hard for Bush to get things done on Capital Hill, but this commotion is going to compound things. I think there should be a limit on the number of famous peeps that are allowed to visit Obama. Heck, Congress and the Senate are already distracted by the cool cat himself…No Drama Obama. Any more cool people in the White House will just confuse things.

That’s why cool Kat will be staying home…I don’t want to slow down the wheels of government.

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