Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Electronic Hell

You lose the cord to your PDA…so your PDA is DOA
Your computer crashes…so your drive is not hard
Your phone battery dies…during a phone interview
Your back-up laptop battery…is not backing you up
Your computer refuses to connect…like a typical teenager
Your camera battery dies…at your child’s graduation
Your electronic toothbrush quits…and you are running late for work

Any single one of these electronic malfunctions by itself can be devasting. And any combination is enough to put someone over the electronic ledge. But all of these together…is the electronic perfect storm. Electronic Hell.

So…Who ya gonna call? The Geek Squad…to your rescue. Hire a geek…someone who knows more than you do about electronic stuff. Just don’t call Kat…cuz this Kat Squad don’t not squat about stuff. Unfortunately, in order to avoid a long down time in Electronic Hell…you are on the hook to shell out some major clams for the Geek…(Geeks love clams.)

They probably call it down time cuz that is exactly how you feel. Down. And that is exactly where you are going. Down. They certainly don’t call computer failures…up time. You aren’t exactly feeling upbeat about the situation. Get in Line…there’s a lot of other non-Geeks with you…in different degrees of Electronic Hell.

After a couple of days without your device…Electronic Hell becomes unbareably hot. You need a Geek. And you need a Geek now.

You’re at work and you’re getting hot under the collar…you’re without out your contact list and have no means to make ANY contact…you can’t call, text, im, or email. And you have bad breath…so you can’t even make contact the old fashioned way.

Suggestion: Make the toothbrush a priority.

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