Friday, March 13, 2009

Chew On This

Why is it when you aren’t allowed to eat…that’s all you want to do. That’s all you think about. You’re fasting for your holiday, or it’s a Friday, like today, during Lent and you aren’t supposed to eat meat. That’s when you wanna stuff a double-cheeseburger-hold-the-pickle in your mouth. You’re a ravenous vegetarian and haven’t eaten red meat in years…suddenly the Whopper is a die from snack…I mean, die for snack. (sometimes I get my prepositions confused.)

I never realized how many food commercials are on television until I wasn’t allowed to eat for a day…before my colonoscopy...lest I remind myself of that fun time. There are actually a ton of commercials for food and restaurants …Dishes clanking, glasses clinking, people chewing …that’s when the salivation starts.

After a few hours of denying food…anything and everything starts to look good. Even fast food places where food usually looks like ‘yack on toast’ …suddenly looks appetizing. Even commercials where you see the grease bubbled in the burger or chicken looking like rubber…now looks like a Bobby Flay special.

A friend once told me that when she was fasting before her colonoscopy, she ate a little steak…hold the sauce. She didn’t think it would be a BIG DEAL…after all, it was only a little piece of steak. “Besides it's so hard to fast!” I totally understand. Before you have a colonoscopy ‘they’ tell you…you can have tea…but in your mind you switch a couple of letters around and then you think: EAT!!!

See what I’m talking about here? Heck, even dog food commercials start looking good…and Rosie O’Donnell’s upper arm is looking mighty succulent.

They have said that in desperate times…people have turned to desperate measures. I would want to be careful when I visited Asia. If someone hadn’t eaten in awhile…they might find Kat appetizing. Heck, I think I am a delicacy in some remote regions of China.

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