Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wrap Your Head Around This

I now watch the TV show, “The Office.” Okay I know…I’m lame for just watching it now after 5 series. But I’m a huge “Grey’s Anatomy” fan and “The Office” competes for the same time slot. With a DVR…I can have my Grey’s and Office too.

Anyway, I wish I started watching sooner, ‘cause I think it is a riot. Sometimes I’m not sure if the show is about employees in an office or students in the first grade. I remember working in an office…a long time ago as a systems analyst for an Insurance company in Jacksonville. There were 8 men in the department and Kat…the token female. It was actually fine; they never shot plastic darts at me. Otherwise I might cry. We weren’t as juvenile as “The Office.”

On the show, they do things like take naps under the conference table, have duels, and use office-speak. You know office-speak…when they talk in ridiculous phrases. Once I overheard a pinstriper use more office-speak in a conversation than should ever be allowed. His mouth should have been stapled once he hit the limit. His conversation went like this:

“Harry, I’d like to speak to you for a moment offline. I want to stir the pot a little and pick your brain. We need to think outside the box. I hope you can wrap your head around the idea. I know it’s a hard subject to wrap your head around. I’ve tried to wrap my head around it too. I guess I was just trying to think outside the box. (Okay, maybe I threw in a few redundancies…for effect. I like to be redundant. Just ask my kids.)

It’s a good thing I don’t work in an office anymore. If I heard such talk, I would commit office penacide…which we all is know is…poking someone’s eyes out with a company pen. But maybe I need to wise-up …after all, I haven’t worked in an office in a long time. (Come on Kat, what do you know about office stuff.) Maybe office-speak is protocol now.

But, please tell me…How are you supposed to get any work done…let alone stir a pot…when someone has just picked your brain and wrapped your head outside a box? Wouldn’t you have a monster headache?

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