Monday, February 23, 2009

Tick Tock

They say time flies…and for the most part I would agree with that. But then there are times when time just stands still. You can check your watch and swear the thing is broken. There are no ticks…let alone tocks occurring. Mickey’s ears are not moving.

The times that seem never ending are a lesson in endurance. A red light at a 5-way intersection. Root canal. A thunderstorm during an outdoor concert. A chewing-out session from your parents. Any movie with English subtitles. Confession. And the real reason for this blog. The Academy Awards.

Waiting for an award to be presented at the Academy Awards (that anyone cares about) takes forever and two days. The best part of the show is the beginning when the host does some song and dance routine. Then they quickly throw a bone…or an Oscar…and present the award for Best Supporting Actress. I know they do this to suck you in…because the next three hours stand still. They present awards for shorts, longs, documentaries, art direction, make-up, set design, light, screen play, adapted screen plays, visual effects, sound mixing, editing, original score, tributes, foreign film…and more. OMG stop the madness. I’m getting old over here.

I guess most people watch The Academy Awards to see what the beautiful people are wearing. The actors and actresses try to make a fashion statement: “Tonight I’m wearing a strapless champagne-color beaded Marchesa gown, Prada high-rise heels, and chunky bling by Tiffanys.” I have my own fashion statement: Tonight I’m wearing an off-the-rack flannel 3-button nightgown from Kohl’s, fuzzy bunny slippers by Target and JC Penney robe.

The important awards aren’t presented until a few minutes before the show ends. “May I have the envelope, PLEASE!” I am so freaking tired of waiting for them to get to the punch line…the climax of the show…the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Picture. I’m just afraid that I might nod off and miss what I have been waiting up for…actually, that wouldn’t be the first time. Heck, when it is midnight here…it is only 9:00 pm at the Kodak Theatre. My bunny slippers want to hop upstairs to bed when the beautiful people are just kicking up their Jimmy Choo’s.

Oh, I just remembered another thing that is way too long, very draggy and should be cut short…this blog. Tick Tock.

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Anonymous said...

Just for the record - I went upstairs after the best supporting actress award - which should have been marissa "the stripper" tomei to watch basket ball and get a good nights sleep - i got all of the oscar info i needed by skimming the paper with a cup of coffee the next morning - much less endurance needed.