Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Territorial Kat

Here I go on a rant…but I can’t help myself. And so close to Valentines’ Day …you would think that I would feel the Love. Maybe I should sugar-coat my rant, but I can’t…I’m not that sweet.

Recently I was looking for Valentines Day cards in a Hallmark Store. Reading through the different cards…looking for that special card…cuz I care. I’m MOB…Minding My Own Business…and not bothering a sole…sort of like Switzerland…when a woman in a fur hat appears next to me to look at cards. The USSR has set its sights on the Swiss.

I am very aware of her presence because she has a dry hacking cough…which becomes very irritating. So I move a little to the left to get some personal space…and then she moves too. I read the cards in front of me…then move left again...she follows. I know I shouldn’t be territorial over the cards, but I had staked out my area…and the woman was invading…reaching across my space. She was moving her troops into my beloved Switzerland. She better be prepared for a battle, if she thinks she is gonna take over my side of the cards.

I swear she started coughing more and more because she thought it would get me to move. I was on to her battle tactics, so I refused to budge. I might catch pneumonia from her…but I was holding ground even though I had read everything in front of me…twice over.

So I waited her out…held territory and eventually she retreated. I had won the War of the Cards. I was free to relax and move again. I decided to celebrate with a few Toblerone triangles and a cup of Swiss Miss. But wait…she’s re-organizing her troops and striking back with a covert attack to the territory I just left. AAAhhhhhhhhh…

I hope my family likes my Valentines Day cards. I had to endure battle and germ warfare...just to send them the very BEST.


big c said...

haha i'm excited to get my very awesome Valentines Day card!

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh! You are too funny...LL