Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm With The Band-Dear Havanah

Would you like to hear new music with a great sounding vibe? THE band to listen to right now is…Dear Havanah. A boston-based rock quintet (that’s 5 guys)…pop music with rock instrumentation and lyrics with universal appeal. On an interesting note….a high note…I’m related to the bass player. (Where else do ya think Colinboy got his musical talent…PaulA? That’s funny!) But relation or no relation, I would be listening to Dear Havanah. These guys are good. How good? Rockin’ damn good.

The cool thing is …you don’t have to take Kat’s word for it…you can find out yourself. Visit their website: and check them out. There you can sample songs, view great pics, (you’ll see where Colinboy gets his good looks…okay, give that one to PaulA) and see the band’s schedule of upcoming gigs. Dear Havanah is also great LIVE. If you have a chance to see them…get your rear in gear.

If you can’t get to a concert…their music is available on iTunes. (and Their new album “Chasing Butterflies” released by Veggie Co Records (awesome record label) is now available. Available 24/7…digital music stores never sleep.

So here is what you do. (If you are from the slow computer skills generation…pay attention here.) Go to and search….Dear Havanah. If you don’t have iTunes, just download it at (Hey, get your kids to help you. I wanna hold your hand…but I can’t….although I happen to like that catchy tune.) BTW…You don’t need to have an iPod for iTunes…you can just download the music to your computer….and listen to it there.

I guarantee that once you listen to Dear Havanah…on iTunes, through their website, or in person…you’ll be saying “I’m with the band.”

Dear Havanah Rocks!!!!

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big c said...

i love dear havanah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!