Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Say What???

There are some words when said, prove you are an old fart. No hiding the fact. The other day I said OUTLOUD, I got my glasses at the ‘dime’ store. Say What??? As soon as I said it…I wanted to retract it. Pull that word from the air and stuff it back in my mouth. I knew I sounded like I was 94 years old…something my Grandmother would say. Okay, we don’t have Five and Dime Stores anymore. Now we have Dollar Stores. And before we know it … it will be the Five and Ten Dollar Store.

Here’s another disclosure. When describing what Duncandog did a few weeks ago…I used the word “conniption.” Heck, you would have had a conniption fit too if your dog ate a whole rotisserie chicken carcass and used your kitchen rug as the back lawn. But you might not call it that.

So Duncandog was in “hot water” with me…which is just another outdated phrase that shows my age. Over the years the kids have learned that expressions used with the word “water” are not good… “You’re in deep water!”, “You’re barely keeping your head above water”, “That excuse doesn’t hold water”, “Don’t throw the baby out with the water.” (Nice imagery.)

They do like some of my expressions: “Over time, he went to pot.” No kids, he wasn’t smoking the stuff…the guy looked like crap. I hope that never happens to you and you go to pot. It’s not as good as you might think.

I have many old time expressions that I have inherited from my folks….Wait, I mean my parents. Who says “folks” anymore??? Not the kids…they say ‘rents. Only old folks say “folks.”

It could be worse…I could really be showing my age:
“O pity me, let me not perish. Darest I say, I dost write another silly blog for thou.”

That is something my folk’s folk’s folk's folk probably said…without the blog part, of course.

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Big C said...

You also say GROOVEY!!!! haha :) But you got me saying it now. You Hip Mama You!