Thursday, February 19, 2009

Before and After

“They” say a President ages 2 years for every year in office. Heck, that’s a reason right there to not be president after I become an empty-nester. I’ve seen the comparison pictures of George W. Bush-before and after his two terms. Clinton-before and after his two terms. And Obama-before and after the election. I cry foul.

I think it is unfair to put those pictures side by side. Most people will age after 8 years. Unless, of course, you are Cher…after 8 years you look 10 years younger. Cut the Presidents some slack. I do admit, however, the presidency is a stressful job which can facilitate the aging process. But a lot of aging has to do with the luck of the draw…the strength of the jeans that carry your DNA.

Damn glad no one is putting up ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of Kat. Kat before blogging and Kat after blogging.

‘Before’ picture: active and athletic looking, brown hair flowing, long legs toned and tanned…Sorry… I’m describing Cindy Crawford.

‘After' picture: ass spreadin’ out (so far and wide), blank aged facial expression, hair color: hairdresser’s secret. (If she divulges …she might be found face down in a bucket of hair dye.)

Okay this is off topic…but it just came to me. I hope the reason they call it hair dye doesn’t have anything to do with years of applications. In other words, I hope hair dye doesn’t make you die. Cause of death: Loreal Medium Brown No. 17. When I’ve called to schedule a dye-job…I never realized until now, what I was signing up for.

So Clinton was totally white after 8 years, but heck…wouldn’t ya think he was gonna turn white, regardless of whether he was a slimy disgusting womanizing president or just a slimy disgusting womanizing common man?

And just because Obama has some white hair mixed in…doesn’t mean the past 4 weeks of presidency has aged him. It probably has something to do with his parents. But I am sure that the “No Drama Obama” thing helps. “They” also say…surrounding yourself with a group of friends can help to decompress you...reduce stress...thus slow down the aging process.

“I’m available, Mr. President…I can be a friend. But please don’t confuse my ‘before’ picture with my ‘’after’ picture and think I can play basketball with you…you’ll have to get some other peeps for that.”

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