Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stay Tuned

Parents with young kids know that taking a road trip with them can be a very trying time…to put it mildly. I remember trips in the minivan to visit Nana and Papa in Vermont…enjoying the scenery as we drove merrily down the road. No outbursts, no fights, and no calls for food, drink, and bathroom. Okay we were gone all of 5 minutes.

But the infamous question was ALWAYS: “How long before we get there?” I would then feel the need to explain distance and relative speed. Their eyes would glaze over with a case of TMI. Don’t be so cerebral Kat. What do they know about time? Heck, the week before Santa comes is a freaking eternity for them. They just know at this minute they’re not having fun…and the last minute…they weren’t having fun either. How could I get across to them the length of time it takes to drive kid terms?

Then it came to me…relate time to their favorite TV show…Full House. “Kids…It takes 8 shows of Full House, back-to-back, to get to Nana and Papa’s house.” A Full House marathon…they should understand that. Fifteen minutes later I heard: “How many shows left now, mom?”

Road trips got easier when we purchased a Video/TV and could pop in a VHS Disney tape to distract them. We’d strapped down the large unit to the console between the front seats to keep them occupied. We always hoped that it was securely tied…so if we had to stop short…it didn’t end up smashing their heads.

Kids and parents today have it made. When my sweet niece NatalieBoo comes to visit us from Vermont she is all settled in with a DVD player and earphones so Sistersledge and Daryl to-the-third power have it easy! Some cars have the DVD built it…taking out risk of injury from flying televisions to children seated in the back seat.

By the way…it took me half a show of Full House to write this blog. Big sister, D.J., caught little Michelle Tanner cheating in a game of Candy Land. Jesse and Danny are planning a surprise party for Joey, but Michelle spills the beans…..Stay tuned.

Next time I promise to give my blog more time…at least an entire length of a Full House Show. Maybe you’ll find out what punishment that brat Michelle receives for cheating and ruining surprises. And maybe this blog will be better.

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big C said...

haha, I remember how we always did that! Natalie has it MADE. I was laughing outloud when I read that part, because I was just picturing her in her little seat with the DVD player! :)