Monday, February 2, 2009

Go Ask Alice

Are you a weather junkie…the type of person who requires a daily fix of the forecast? You’ve made it your job to study fronts as they develop out of the west and head across the plains. You keep weather records and study the Farmer’s Almanac…even though you don’t grow corn. Some people require detailed weather information so they purchase a weather station for their home. My friend Coleen is so in to weather that when she goes on a vacation…she spends it in front of the TV watching the Weather Channel. She really should have been a weather girl.

We have neighbors on the beach who have a weather station and I don’t understand why. They have a large flag in their yard….so as far as I’m concerned…that is all you need. Their flag is my own personal weather station. If I see the flag whipping around the pole…that means the wind is blowing hard. And if the flag is being blown from the northeast…a doozie storm is brewing. When the wind is blowing from the South...warm weather coming. If the flag is wet…then it is raining outside…duh. Who needs a home weather station when you have a flag?

Besides, you can always get the weather from the local weather people on television. The only problem with that is you have to listen to them crack stupid jokes with the other TV anchor people. Their type of humor is even worse than my blog. (Could it be?) and they really get under my weathered skin when they keep dangling the promise of a forecast after the commercial…just so we have to continue listening to their bad jokes.

Another annoying front is that the TV weather person has 'weather watchers' who email them the weather from their town. "John in Lexington says it is 19 degrees." I don’t know whether it is the crappy weather...or the crappy weather person that ticks me off more. It makes me want to blow a thermostat and storm out of the room.

I suppose I could forget watching the local TV people and just go online and get all the weather I want. Or better yet, I could ask my mom. She can feel rain coming in her bones days before it gets here. Who needs TV forecasters and home weather stations when you have Alice….Go ask Alice.

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Sistersledge said...

Or you could ask Jerry. He knows what the weather is in your kneck of the woods and other knecks of the woods all over the country ... especially if there's a sporting event about to take place there!