Friday, February 13, 2009

Best In Show

Congrats to Stump who fetched “Best in Show” at the Westminster Dog Show. Good Dog Stump. He’s ten years old…a senior…but still has that something extra. He gives all seniors some hope.

I hear Stump was brought out of retirement for the contest. (Stump and Brett Favre…both looking for attention by threatening to retire.) Duncandog is also an old dog of 10 years…but the similarities between Dunks and Stumps probably ends there. Duncandog’s looks are so Bow Wow now that he would need an Extreme Makeover before he ever walked the Westminster carpet.

I was just thinking there should be a show called: Extreme Makeover-Going to the Dogs Edition. (People would beg for it…I just know it.) My little rump roast, Duncandog, is a scruffy looking dog right now and could use “the works.” He hasn’t gone to the groomer in 8 weeks and that is really too long for him…if you know what I mean. He is actually going this Saturday which will be extra sweet for me on Valentines Day…’cause he is smelling rank and file.

I really think Duncandog wants to get a make-over…that’s why he is purposely running into walls and doors. A Duncandog makeover: A tight clippers cut…short enough to look coiffed and reveal his curvaceous body…but long enough to still have his Portuguese curls. He’s got a natural permanent wave so he won’t have to spend time with curlers under a hot hairdryer. A nail clipping. Extra long nails only work in ancient Asian cultures. He could also benefit with a swish of Scope. He has a nice smile but no more puppy breath. An inside ear job would be a bonus too…No Westminster dog has hair growing out of his ears.

If Duncandog was ever in a dog show…he would have a leg up on his competition. I’m sure the judges would be captivated by the nice sway to his hips. He might be in need of a hip replacement in a couple of years…but right now it seems to be working for him.

I just was thinking I better get myself into the beauty parlor so Duncandog doesn’t start looking better than me. We both have the shaggy look going, but his grooming will definitely give him the edge. Doesn’t Duncandog know that a dog and his owner are supposed to look alike. I swear that dog is always trying to one up me.

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