Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great Minds Think Alike

Not only do couples start to look alike after being together for so long…but they think alike. One Christmas PaulA and I randomly got each other Bose CD players…same color. Last Christmas we got each other Mercedes coupes….okay I lied on that one, but last Valentines Day we chose the exact same cards...for Sweet Wish and each other.

This Valentines Day we actually bought…different cards for each other. At a Valentines dinner that night, PaulA made a disclosure (or confession) to our table of friends… “Kat doesn’t know this but when she was taking Duncan to the groomer this morning, I ran to Brooks and bought her Valentines Day card. (Oh PaulA…say it ain’t so…you got my card last minute!)

Very Interesting. After dropping Duncan off at the groomer in the morning, I ran into the CVS to get a Valentines Day card …for PaulA. (That morning I realized I didn’t have a card for him. I had looked earlier, but decided to keep looking…seeing I had so much time.) Whoops…I never purchased one.

There I was at the CVS on Valentines Day morning…Kat and 3 desperate men looking for cards for their wives. I was so embarrassed. One man said to me … “I gotta tell you…you’re the first woman I’ve seen buying a card on Valentines Day.” I was shamed into leaving CVS, so I went across the street to Brooks. Apparently I just missed PaulA leaving with my card.

After PaulA finished making his disclosure at the table…I made mine: “PaulA doesn’t know this but I was at Brooks this morning getting his card………” Great minds think like.

Seeing we think so much alike, maybe next year we’ll telepathically, do the same thing for Valentines Day…and buy each other diamond watches.

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