Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I’ve been thinking about my recent resolutions for the New Year. Get in shape. Learn to play the accordion. Write better blogs. I should add one more…Hoe out my closet. Not to be confused with the other “ho.” I don’t have ho clothing…ho’s don’t wear tweed or plaid. Unless it has slits.

I need to get rid of things that I no longer wear. I have mentioned before that I have packKat tendencies, so I admit that I have things in my closet that have been hanging around for a few years. Most notably, big jackets with padded shoulders…definitely 80’s style…that make me look like a mini-me Steeler’s linebacker. Those jackets need to be given the ole heave-ho. Out-dated clothing is a sure way to know that it’s time to purge your closet. Another way to know is when your entire closet has collapsed on the floor. Dead give-away.

Surprisingly enough, I have come upon a way to clean out my closet AND a way to cut down on laundry. How Kat? How is this possible?

My plan is to pull something from my closet that I haven’t worn in a long time. If I really can’t stand it anymore…won’t be caught wearing it 6’ under…or 5’5”over…then I immediately give it the ole heave-ho.

But let’s say I’m just chillin’…assuming the blogging position…grocery shopping at the Stop and Shop…nothing special happening…like every day of my adventuresome life. Who is gonna care what I’m wearing? At the end of the day, I’ll just take the old stuff off and either…chuck it…or donate it. Genius Kat…no laundry in the basket…and one item closer to a cleaner closet. Sometimes I just amaze myself with my innovative ideas.

One request: If you see me in the Stop and Shop wearing either a mesh shirt, an oversized neck sweatshirt, Guess jeans, or jelly shoes…no snickering, please. Remember…I am not advocating the retro look. I’m in the process of Heave-ho.

I refuse, however, to heave-ho my black Madonna pointed bustier. That definitely stays.

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Anonymous said...

I'm coming right home Madonna!