Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day-Happy Birthday

Goodbye S. Farcus. Who you ask is S. Farcus? That would be Colinboy’s other persona…the one he introduces when he encounters the bar bouncer. Today is not only Valentines day, but Colin’s 21st birthday….so Kiss off…young Farcus!

This Valentines Day couldn’t be sweeter for Colin…turning 21 and becoming legit in all 50 states including Puerto Rico. Saweeeeet!!! I think I can predict where Colinboy will be celebrating his birthday tonight. My crystal ball says: “Colinboy at bar in Boston.” (My crystal ball speaks in broken English.)

Not that Colinboy is a bar fly, bar rat, or bar cockroach (after all, we are talking the city of Boston)…but reaching the legal age of 21 is a milestone and a rite of passage. He now has the lawful right to high five the bar bouncer at the front door…flash his id…and order up a drink. “Bartender…give me a bottle of your finest Bud.” On a college kid’s wallet…he won’t be there long.

I was thinking now that Colinboy is 21, I should probably stop with the boy part I’ve attached to his name. But after 21 years…old habits are hard to break. I realize that when he approaches 30…it might be a little strange.

The problem for me is that it doesn’t seem that long ago that Colinboy was toddling around in his Ninja Turtle pajamas…carrying his sippy cup. Fast forward to Feb 14th, 2009. News flash Kat…Colinboy’s sippy cup contains beer.

Happy 21st Birthday Colin….Happy Valentines Day…Happy Legit Day.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday colin!!

big C said...

awww this was a sweet blog!! little colin boy is so old!! Happy Birthday Colin, we love you!

Anonymous said...


I guess I can have my identity back now. Hope you took care of it over the past few years. Remember, any warrants, summonses, or liens should be forwarded to the law firm of Dewey, Cheatam, and Howe. Enjoy the rest of your life.


S. Farcus

Anonymous said...

Isn't it Sid Farcus, the bra salesman? He wanted to date Estelle, but had to fire George when he "felt material" of his future boss???