Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Approve

“This is John McCain and I approve this message.” “This is Barack Obama and I approve this message.” How many times will we hear political ads between now and the November Presidential election? Do these promo spots really help campaigns? Does the amount of spending for political ads, really equate to more votes? Hmm...that gets me thinking. If there really is something to getting your face out there…maybe a little Kat face time would help me.

Maybe I should come up with a 30 second spot for MySpace, or YouTube to increase my readership….a little promo to show my stuff. If I directed my own video promo, it would go something like this:

Camera: Close-up of Kat (but not too close…back that up, dude!)…sitting at her lap top staring at the screen. Hands on the keyboard in blogger position. People of all ages, race, ethnicities and sexes standing behind her. The American flag flying.

Music: a song playing in the background….something patriotic….something American. Okay, let’s go with Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

Voice-over Person: a booming, assertive voice announces, “Kat, the All-American blogger. She will expand your world…and give you insightful views of topical subjects. With only a few irritatingly, mindless blogs regarding random thoughts and boring family stories, and only a few hints of absurdity…she will enlighten your day. Check Kat out every time you sign-on to your computer…you will not be disappointed. She promises to keep her promise. And that’s a promise. Promise.”

Fade: Camera slowly pulls back…shots of Kat kissing babies…shaking hands with her blog supporters, playful puppies in the foreground…fireworks burst into the shape of Kat’s face. Camera fades away to the American flag.

Kat’s voice: "This is katOUT and I approve this message.”

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