Thursday, October 2, 2008

"K" is for

We decided on a little impromptu trip, so we needed to dispose of our dog….I mean, put him some place where he would be taken care of. I think you know the place I am talking about…a place where dogs are housed, when their owners abandon them. You see, I can’t say the K word, because if I do…Duncandog goes ballistic…off the wall, with happiness. And this K word doesn’t stand for Kookie…which is something that would make normal dogs go ballestic…this “K” is for Kennel.

Duncandog loves the K place. Just one mention of the Kennel and he starts jumping up and down, all over me, and then runs for the door. I’m still trying to understand it. After we get there…he pulls me so hard on the leash, I almost face plant. While I check him in, he excitedly starts sniffing around and meets up with the resident Kennel cat…who hisses at him…. “Chill you stupid dog, this a damn Kennel…a freaking slammer….not Club Med.” He then goes off with the attendant to his dog quarters…and never looks back. As I watch his poochie butt turn around to leave, I think, “Thanks a lot Duncandog…after all I do for you…no sad look? You trader. Couldn’t you at least fake it?”

So we’re back…but I wait at home before I pick him up. I time his pick-up perfectly…two minutes before 12 o’clock. They don’t charge for the next day until after 12 noon. You see, I want as much peace from my dog as I can get. I mean, I want Duncandog to enjoy all his time at the Kennel. When I check out, they give me his report card.

I guess it is a cute idea…but come on…a report card for dogs. I do have to say, he got a glowing report so I am kinda proud of him. I’m thinking of framing his report card…and bragging to all my friends. Let’s see …it says: Duncan enjoyed getting to explore outside and spend time with us during his playtime! He enjoyed all of his food. He “eliminated” regularly. Duncan is a very sweet, good boy. He has such a loving temperament.“Nice comments Duncan….but next time I want to see some more A’s.”

The best thing about the Kennel…is that when Duncandog gets home…he is very tired. He hits the floor for the remainder of the afternoon…and puts aside his FBI duties of following me around. He’s probably dreaming…of the next time he goes to the K place. That’s funny…I’m dreaming ….of the next time he goes to the K place.

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big C said...

haha Mom this is funny. I love the ones about dunk a bunk