Wednesday, October 15, 2008

College Tour Rant

After a while, college tours all run together. They all have libraries, dorms, gyms, and lecture halls...but the last tour that Brianna and I took, will always stand out.

When I first saw the little girl holding the hand of one of the college tour guides, I thought…how cute. The tour girl must have a little sister visiting or maybe this little girl was a family friend. But it didn’t take long before I realized…this little girl was no relation to the college tour guide…she was a child from hell. And there were two…she had a younger sister.

Picture the two wildest kids you can think of and then multiply that times 10. They did belong to someone…they were with their spineless mother. You would have thought the mother was back on the farm in Idaho…she was nonexistent in presence and reprimand. Neither the mother, or their older sister visiting the school, seemed to acknowledge the family resemblance…and take responsibility for them.

So as the tour guides walked backwards (this must be in the college tour guide handbook), the kids walked backwards with the guides…and tripped them…numerous times. Then the two girls got in a pissing war…of words with each other…drowning out what the guides were trying to tell us. When they weren’t tripping up the guides, they were running and chasing each other through the group, walking on top of stone walls, running up and down stairs, standing on chairs, running around the stage…and my personal favorite….rolling down hills. I secretly wished they would roll through dog crap, but, unfortunately, that did not happen.

The highlight of their antics was during the tour of the campus church. While one of them was splashing holy water around in the font, the other was running up and down the pews. The mother finally took action. She caught up with the one in the pews...right before the girl played the organ…grabbed her by her hair and yanked her back. But the child in the holy water still had a chance to wash her face.

The tour guides never said a word about all the commotion going on around them. Now and then, you would hear some mumblings or see eye rolling from our group…but basically…Nobody said Nothing. (That’s because PaulA was not there.) We probably didn’t want to jeopardize our child’s chances of getting into their school. So this irresponsible woman and her kids have moved on…to ruin the next college tour.

I hate to be ranting like an old cane, or is that stick…in the mud…but when attending a college tour…leave young siblings at home. Especially if they are under age 10, have an attention span of a gnat, or have horns protruding out of their heads.

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