Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kat's Head

In the early 90’s I used to watch a show called Herman’s Head. It was on TV for a few years, but probably most people never watched. Anyway, it was about a guy whose personalities, Sensitivity, Fear, Lust, Genius, were represented by actual people. Whenever Herman had an important decision to make, the different personalities would voice their opinions…and duke it out when they had disagreements.

I thought it was an interesting concept. So it got me thinking…..Hmmmmmm….. What goes on in the hollow container on top of my shoulders...with my personalities: Lazy Ass, Neurotic, Anal Retentive, Blogger. Here is a glimpse of Kat’s Head….

Situation: Linnyj and Pia call me for 9 holes of golf. Decision to make: Should I play?

Lazy Ass Kat: Don’t do it Kat. You will have to get off this couch, which isn’t easy after eating bon-bons and chips. Linnyj will probably want to play speed golf and then Pia will want to play another 9. Oh, and you’ll miss Oprah. So chill, Kat…have some more chips.

Neurotic Kat: Careful Kat. You could get toxins from the course that could make you sick…maybe you should stay home. But if you go, wear gloves on both hands. Also leave the umbrella at home, a thunderstorm might be brewing and just your luck you’ll get hit by lightening…you only have 9 lives.

Anal Retentive Kat: Go ahead and play Kat. Just remember to replace all your divots as you hack your way down the fairway. Count all your strokes, even the wiffy ones and the ones in the woods, sand and water. And if Linnyj is 2 minutes late arriving, that is only 120 seconds…not a lifetime...so let's cut her some slack this one time.

Blogger Kat: Forget it Kat. Don’t play today. You have way more important things to do. What could possibly be more important than writing a blog? You have at least 5 people reading…and you don’t want to disappoint.

A rumble ensues…the personalities duke it out….rock, paper, scissors…shoot………

Blogger Kat beats Lazy Ass, Neurotic, Anal Retentive Kat every time. Lucky you…you’re the recipient of another blog.

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