Monday, October 20, 2008

Joe the Plumber

If you watched the Presidential debate last week you’ve heard who won …Joe the Plummer. After the debate, Joe was immediately plunged into the spotlight. He’s an instant celebrity…receiving more than his 15 minutes of fame. If you google his Wikipedia…you’ll see he’s arrived. There is even an online effort to get Joe to run for U.S. Congress. Slogan idea: Vote Joe the Plummer. He’ll roto-root cloggy Washington politics.

Doggone it, Joe Six-pack…you’ve just been replaced by Joe the Plumber. Heck, Golly, I liked Sarah Palin’s Joe Six-pack reference for the “normal American” wink, wink. But Joe the plumber might be a better symbol. Statistics show that most Americans don’t have six-packs…they’re aren’t that toned.

People can relate to Joe the Plumber….the common man. He exemplifies the struggles the everyday man faces to get ahead and live the American Dream. Okay, I can see the attraction to Joe the Plumber …butt, too much of Joe the Plumber…is a little too draining. Maybe McCain might want to think about using me to represent a cross-section of America. I,too, have a story. His next political sound bite could go like this:

My friends, let me tell you about my friend, Kat the Blogger. She’s an American blogger just trying to get ahead in the world. She’s been working hard blogging and making no progress with her life. Did I mention…she is making no progress with her life? I am here to tell you how I can help Kat the Blogger and others just like her. First of all, I am a maverick…with maverick ideas about how to help bloggers. I am not the same as all the other Cyperspace insiders. I’m someone who marches to the stroke of my own keyboard. These are tough times. I fight…for Kat the bloggers of the world. I fight…to restore pride in the blogger party. I will bring change. I do not have the same old blogging politics that have been going on for years in cyberspace. I fight for you….Kat the blogger.

Okay, I admit…maybe the idea of Kat the blogger replacing Joe the Plumber as the go-with-the-flow working class symbol is leaking in substance…I mean, lacking. If you listen carefully, you can hear my dreams as the next American icon going down the drain.

Besides, the best thing about Joe the Plumber…you can take a better crack at him.

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