Thursday, October 16, 2008

Perception is Reality

During the afternoon when I am in my car, I listen to my favorite man/woman DJ team. They have a great rapport with each other and I especially enjoy listening to their banter. I’ve never seen what they look like ….until now…when I saw them in the local paper.

Their looks are absolutely nothing like what I had envisioned. And I hate to say….my vision version was much better than real life…too bad for them. And now, too bad for me!! I should have known, a good speaking voice is not an indication of good looks…wow. I’m not saying they are bow-wow’s ville, but for some reason I had pictured them like Brad and Angelina. And is that really fair?

Voices and looks don’t always match-up. Haven’t you heard a voice from someone that suprises you...sounding nothing like you expected?…Like a pretty petite woman…who opens her mouth and sounds like a truck driver for United Van Lines on a 3 day cross-country trip, after 5 hours of sleep, and chain smoking 4 cartons of cigarettes…OR a gruff mountain man with a beard, wearing shit kickers…who sounds like the mayor from Munchkinland on speed.

Then there is the sound of our own voices. I don’t know many people who when they hear a recording of themselves say…”damn, I sound good.” Although there are those who talk so much…you might think they do. I swear, if I had an Enlgish accent…I would love my voice and never stop talking.

So now I am going to wipe away all traces of the picture I saw of my favorite DJ team and continue to picture them as Brad and Angelina. Why spoil my reality? Perception is reality.

With a blog, not only can’t you see me……you can’t hear my voice! But in case you were wondering, I look like…Julia Roberts. And sound...even better than I look.

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Sistersledge said...

I think all DJs are unattractive. If they were good looking they would have gone into TV instead of radio!