Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Manure Happens

The different bumper stickers, school stickers and accessories we apply to our car, tell a little something about each of us. They SHOUT-OUT an image as we go tooling down the road...without having to say it. A ‘Dartmouth College’ sticker says…this is one SMART head. ‘If You Don’t Vote, Don’t Whine’ …this is one TALKING head. ‘Save the Earth’ …this is one GREEN head. ‘Grateful Dead dancing bears’….this is one POT head. ‘Manure Happens’... this is one SHIT head.

I recently was driving behind a car that had a license plate with a chain link framing it. Without saying it, the chains say… “Hey...move back, jack…This is one BAD ASS in front of you.” Yep, any chains are definitely bad ass. Anytime you see someone with a chain…around their neck…or hanging from their pants…you better stay clear of the bad ass. Only thing was… the car with the chains…was a Honda. How bad ass can that person be?… Driving a pale blue, 4-door, compact, economical, fuel efficient Honda Civic. He would have been better with a bumper sticker that said: GOING POSTAL.

My Duncandog has an image to uphold, but unfortunately for him…it is something out of his control. After his latest haircut, I should have gotten him a chain link collar. I think he would have appreciated looking a little bit more BAD ASS, instead of the sissy look the groomer gave him. And a bumper sticker slapped to his rear end: ‘KAT THE OTHER WHITE MEAT’.

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