Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treating

Oooooooo…Happy Halloween to all you spooky witches and goblins. I love this holiday, mainly to see the little kids in their cute costumes…the little pirate, ballerina, and pumpkin. You open the door and they just stand there looking at you …hoping you know what to do…cuz they don’t get it. They are still trying to figure out why their parents have them dressed in odd clothing and have them talk to strangers.

I just hope I don’t see any what’s her name and whoses. That would be Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers dudes. Even old Kat has heard of them, cuz you can’t go anywhere without seeing their mugs on just about everything. I have a feeling I’ll see at least 5 of those little Hannahs. And numeri Jonases.

Not sure if PaulA and I will be dressing up to answer the door. Anytime PaulA needs a costume, he pulls out his college graduation gown. Thank god, he graduated…he’s used his black gown so much it was worth the price of admission. You can be a lot of things if you have the black gown to start…Nun, Dracula, Jonas Brother.

A couple of years ago, I was a beauty pageant ‘Miss.’ I wore one of my bridesmaid gowns, heels, and a sash. My lipstick and eye make-up were smudged across my face…not exactly in the lines. (I looked like a drunken bridesmaid…honest I wasn’t.) And my pageant banner said: “Miss Applied”. The trick or treaters totally didn’t get it….but if I wore it this year…they would. Oh, you are a drunk Hannah Montana.

I wonder if Brianna is thinking about going Trick or Treating. I hope not, at age 17. When I see a big kid come to the door looking for candy…I want to tell them to get a job. The ‘older’ girls usually come dressed like Raggedy Ann. I know they are definitely over 15….cuz they’re not dressed guessed it...Hannah Montana.

Duncandog is going to be dressed for Halloween tonight. I have a crimson and white BAMA T-shirt to put on him…a University of Alabama mascot. He’ll just have to work on his southern accent: “Hey ya’all this is Duncandog. If ya'all would just give me a little treat...I could do a little Hannah Montana for you...or Jonas Brother...your choice.”

Happy Halloween!

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