Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let My Cell Phone Go

We recently had an incident…Wishy’s cell phone went MIA. Bri and I both looked everywhere for it…even through the garbage. (I’m still wondering how I got that nasty job.) We also called her phone using my cell and our home phone. No Answer. Nothing.

The case, however, was solved in a couple of hours. A friend of Bri’s sent her a message on Facebook and told her that he had just texted her cell phone and got a weird sounding text back…nothing like Bri. The text response read: Who is dis?” …Not exactly the way Bri talks. (Plus she knows her friend’s number.) Someone had Sweet Wishy’s phone.

So Bri texted the person: “thanks for finding my phone…if you intend on returning it, please text me…but if I don’t hear from you…I am turning off the service and it will be no good to you.” Did she hear from the person?….No answer. Nothing.

This might have been a professional job…a cell phone kidnapping and they were looking for some ransom money. Maybe Bri needed to do more to get her phone back. Maybe she needed to plead with her cell phone captors…beg…grovel…Let my cell phone go. Maybe she should have responded:

I know you are somewhere out there with my precious cell phone…please give it up. It means nothing to you and everything to me. We’ve been together for a couple of years and it would just tear me up inside, if I could never see my cell phone again…never see the pink bedazzles I’ve attached…never hear its ring tones. Whatever it takes, I am willing to do. Just be nice to it…it has never done you any harm. It means more to me than to you. I beg of you, please respond and let me know how I can go about getting my beloved cell phone back. I won’t get the police involved…I’ll keep it between the two of us. I will wait to hear from you.

Maybe Sweet Wishy needs to watch more cop shows….

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Sistersledge said...

What a LOSER that person is. I don't get it. Why would someone not return Sweet Wishy's phone to her????? I think she can have her ring tones transferred to a new phone. I am sorry to read this sad news.