Monday, October 27, 2008

This Could Turn Ugly

Being from Vermont, I just can’t help but like cows. In Vermont, you see cows all over the place. Granted, they don’t walk the aisles of the Stop and Stop Dairy Dept. buying fat free milk, but they grace the beautiful VT landscape. You can actually learn a lot from a cow. If they are standing in the pasture, it’s gonna be a nice day. If they are laying down…it’s gonna rain. If they are facing East…you’re gonna have Chinese food for dinner.

I love cows so much that I have a little collection…my Cow Parade collection that I display on my kitchen windowsill. You know, the little cows that are decorated and painted with different themes. You might think that is a little kitschy…but the cows remind me of my home state and my best friends, Ben and Jerry. I am not a huge collector like some people who collect…spoons, Santas (my mom), coins, boyfriends. I just have a few cows.

I know a woman from the hair salon I frequent who has a bizarre collection...she collects ugly things. She started with a small cabinet of a few special ugly things…but her collection has grown to be a whole room of ugly stuff. Anything she deems as ugly, she buys and proudly displays. Her friends have joined in on all the ugliness and have helped add to her collection.

Although her collection sounds weirdly interesting…I would never want to visit her house and check out her ugly things…not that I am above ugly. I’m just afraid she might have taken a picture of me sitting in the salon chair with goo in my hair…and have it hanging on her “Wall of Uglies”…yikes.

And forget having her visit my house. If she came over and saw my Cow Parade collection…I would be afraid that she would like it….which could turn ugly.

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