Thursday, October 30, 2008


Bri did it…she pressed the ‘submit’ button. That would be, the ‘submit’ button on the common application that is used to apply to colleges online. That might not seem like a big dealio, but it is. Because once it is sent, that sucker is sent…and there is no retrieving it…no sticking your hand in the blue metal mailbox....wait, is that illegal?…no begging the Post Office people to retrieve it...and threatening to go postal. What?...illegal again?.

Once you hit ‘submit’, the application is queued up at the college…instantaneously. One, two, three...presto. No more having to run to the Post Office with a big envelope, wait in line, pay extra postage, send it express…and then hope like hell it gets there. Hoping that the Postman didn’t put it in the outbox for Hong Kong.

I do love the efficient way of applying to colleges now. You can be a procrastinator and submit it two minutes before midnight of the due date…and Bang, it is on time. That is the coolest. We thought about trying that…just for goofers. What are we…stupid? Dumb idea. Just our luck, at that moment our computer would freeze…or Storm Zelda would blow up and knock us offline. Nightmare.

When you hit ‘submit’…it is so final…that you doubt what you have written. You’ve probably made a mistake, so you check and recheck. You’ve never had OCD in your life, but suddenly you’ve developed a bad case of APP-OCD. Okay, APP-OCD is a made up ailment, but if you’re applying online…you know what I am talking about…cuz you have it too. You are compelled to go over the information at least 45 times. So you recheck the ‘name of applicant.’ Wait… does Bri spell her name with one ‘N’ or two? Not sure now. Is her name Brian(n)a or Sweet Wishy of America?...Wait, that is too long to fit in the space.

I ‘submit’ to you that I never get BLOG-OCD…never. When I decide to post a blog, I hit ‘submit’ and never look back. I don’t check and recheck what I’ve written. What 'cha see, is what 'cha get. Just don’t go postal on me.

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