Friday, October 17, 2008

A Different Tune

We have a small clothing store in town that has been around for years, and has always done a great amount of business. And that has amazed me, because they are the biggest snobs going. You would think that they would be nice to their clientele…but these saleswomen have a crazy attitude that we should feel fortunate to shop there. It is mainly two women that have their noses suspended in the air. (BTW, the kids that help out there are very sweet.) For some reason, these two always give off a hoity-toity vibe. Both Hoity and Toity have given me the cold shoulder…if I get any shoulder at all.

And it is something I have never understood. So is it just me? Actually, it isn’t because I have heard other people say the same thing. But don’t get me wrong…they are nice to some…probably the women who enter the store with their credit cards taped to their foreheads. I have actually seen Hoity and Toity fall all over these women… “How can I help you…do your feet hurt…do they need a massage….can I suck your toes.”

I have seen them suck-up to these women. They will tell them how great they look in an outfit…when if you polled 100 people….99 of them would say they looked like crap (the husband has to lie…if he wants to live another day.) Speaking of husbands...I’ve heard Hoity and Toity give suggestions on how to hide the cost of their purchases from their hubbys…just split the expenses between numerous credit cards…wala.

I haven’t been to this store in a while…for good reason. But today I was on a mission to find a dress to wear to a wedding, and the store is close by. So I was ready for the big chill when I entered the cold shoulder zone. But interestingly enough, I found Hoity and Toity singing a different tune.

First of all, I was the only one in the store…and it was the middle of the afternoon. Where was all their loyal clientele? Where were the ladies that got their toes sucked regularly?

Hoity and Toity couldn’t give me enough attention. Before my eyes, I watched them turn into Hospitable and Attentive. (HA) They brought numerous dresses for me to try on…showered me with compliments…told me how thin I was…how great I looked in the dresses…that I was like a model…they were major league flinging it. I wasn’t buying it….and I definitely wasn’t buying.

Now that the economy is changing, people like these women are singing a different tune. Customers are not flocking in…to willy nilly spend their disposable money. These stores actually need business…so they have to be nice to everyone. They have to change their tune and make every customer feel welcomed in the store. The only problem is….I remember their old tune.

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big C said...

As soon as you said biggest snobs, i realized what clothing store you were talking about!!