Friday, October 3, 2008

Still Happy Together - 27 Years

We all know the story about Mary, Joseph and “no room in the inn”…but PaulA and I have our own “no room in the inn” story. Granted, we are no Mary and Joseph…and our inn story is not written in the Bible. We are neither that old or that righteous.

27 years ago today…we were married in Burlington, Vermont at the height of fall foliage season. The wedding ceremony was very memorable…most notably because our friends BillyA and TerryL played their acoustic guitars and sang, “So happy together.” If you aren’t familiar with this song, it is by the Turtles…not to be confused with the Monkees…different species. Anyway, that song has special meaning and memories to PaulA and I, because it was done by the best of friends.

27 years ago…Our reception was held at the Marble Island Resort outside of Burlington on Lake Champlain. It was a F-U-N reception/party…that started around 6…until 11 p.m. When it was time for us to bid our rowdy, partying friends farewell...we hoped that the place would still be standing the next day.

We headed back into Burlington for the Radisson Hotel. As we approached the front desk…the clerks looked uncomfortable and started scattering. We soon found out…they gave our room away…there was no room in the inn. We had made a reservation in advance and let them know we would be arriving late…but they gave it away. Undoubtedly, to someone who slipped them some cashola.

Anyway, the Radisson called the other hotels in the area….but there were no rooms available. After all, it was leaf peeping season and Parent’s Weekend at UVM. They finally found a room for us about 30 minutes north on the lake. Which happened to be… the same place we just left…where all our wild and crazy friends were partying/staying.

So what did the newlywed couple of 6 hours do? They headed back to my parent’s house…good ole Alice and Jerry’s. We knocked on the door and the house lights went on. My dad came to the door…to find his daughter and her new husband. You should have seen his face…priceless. Jerr was hoping that PaulA didn’t change his mind about the whole marrying thing. After some explanation…the new couple spent their wedding night with the rents.

Thank god Alice and Jerry had room in the inn. I’m sure Mary and Joseph would have liked the option of staying in their house…over that smelly stable. No sheep in Alice and Jerr’s place.

Happy 27th Anniversary, PaulA. Cheers to Us!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Happy. Did you know you share this anniversary with the Obamas? And I can't believe it's been 27 yrs since you asked Terry and I to humiliate ourselves (not that we were unfamiliar with doing that) in front of your families and friends. Yikes! Enjoy...

PS The place was still standing the next day, but it had been altered somewhat.