Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blogger Extraordinaire

Whenever I am filling out paperwork that asks for my occupation, I hesitate. Hmmm…What exactly is my occupation? I know I’m busy doing something…but what exactly do I do? Then I think of all my odd jobs. It is hard to fit….driver, banker, sexpot, organizer, shopper, maid, cook (never on a weekend) into one small space…so I conveniently use….homemaker. Years ago I used to put down: housewife. But I could just as easily have put: domestic engineer… better half…PaulA’s Wife…Financially dependent….Stepford Wife (After all, I do live in CT.)

Recently Bri was completing a college application (It’s about time Wish!)…and she was stumped. So she had to ask me for a little help. “Hey Mom…I know what Dad does….but what’s your occupation? What should I put down? Should I put Bri’s Mom? (Very Funny, Wishy.)

I yelled back… “You mean to tell me, you don’t know? I’m so surprised. My occupation is blogger…OR…Blogger Extraordinaire….your choice.” And so she wrote down ‘blogger’ on her college application. (Thanks Wishy, I feel so validated.) She did leave off the Extraordinaire part…which would have elevated my status among all the other bloggers. Then I thought….should Bri really be listing my occupation as blogger? But I rationalized…Wait a minute Kat, what is the college gonna do? Call Bri and tell her...your mom can’t be a blogger.

Actually what most people don’t know is….a blogger and homemaker are very similar. As a homemaker, you’re sitting at home…drinking coffee, talking nonsense with your friends on the phone, coming up with excuses as to why things are not getting done around the house, while your ass grows. As a blogger, you’re sitting at home...drinking coffee, writing nonsense about your family and friends on your computer, coming up with excuses as why things are not getting done around the house, while your ass grows. See…….what I’m talkin’ about here.

AND with both blogger and homemaker…you get ZERO glory and ZERO money.

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