Monday, September 29, 2008

Inside Scoop on PETA

Here’s the scoop on PETA. You know the organization…People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Well, PETA has “urged” Ben and Jerry’s to stop using cow’s milk in their ice cream and start using mother’s milk. And I’m not talking mother cows…I’m talking human nursing mothers.

Okay…all together now….ewwwwwwww. This is just plain gross. I’m sure PETA has good intentions …about saving cows, preventing bad treatment of cows and many reasons for their argument that human milk is healthier than cow's milk. But, I’m not buying it….and I’m not buying it. But I am buying…that this is just another one of PETA’s publicity stunts. I admit, the “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” commercials are very revealing to their cause.

PETA became aware of a Swiss restaurant owner who is purchasing breast milk from nursing mothers and using the breast milk in 75 percent of the food he serves. So PETA sent Ben and Jerry a letter requesting they use breast milk in their products…which is so udderly ridiculous. These people must have had a brain freeze.

And why pick on poor Ben and Jerry. ..a couple of old laid-back hippies who began scooping ice cream out of a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont? Hey folks, I was at the original B & J's back in 1978 before Cherry Garcia. (Does this make me an ole laid back hippie??)

I hope Ben and Jerry gave PETA an icy reception and told them to….Freeze Off. By the way, if Ben and Jerry ever did decide to have an ice cream made from mother’s milk…I have a suggestion: Call it…“Mother May I” ice cream. Buttermilk ice cream, with pieces of vanilla and chocolate shaped teats.

My big question is: How does PETA suggest Ben or Jerry collect the breast milk? Is PETA suggesting they open lactating factories….where every 4 hours they lead nursing mothers, by their braids, into a dark room with stalls, prime the milking machine pumps, attach the equipment to the nursing mothers…and play soft, calming classical music. I hear classical music is good for milk flow. But I don’t know though…maybe Cold Play is better music for lactation than Moozart.

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