Thursday, September 4, 2008


Riding on Highway 495, we passed a cop who caught a big one. He had pulled over a black BMW 700 series with tinted windows. Now that’s a big catch. I’m sure that cop did a lot of bragging down at HQ. He probably exaggerated like the other fishercops…. “Yep, got a big one today. That rascal tried to get away, but I put the pedal to the metal and reeled him in. He has to be at least 2 tons of steel.”

Today the fishercops were out…fishing for black cars. Further down 495, there was a black Cadillac and a black Honda Accord pulled over. Tomorrow it could be red car fishing day. (Chelsea beware.)

I got to thinking…I have never seen a green car pulled over. I don’t know if that is because people don’t buy green cars. Maybe people buy fewer green cars, hence (love that word) the percentage is smaller. Maybe green car owners don’t exceed the speed limit because they are “greenies” and want to be good to the environment. I own a white car and every 3 or 4 months, when I decide to wash it…it looks spanking nice. A fishercop might want to catch me…especially on white car fishing day.

After careful analysis of fishercop tendencies, I think my next car should be a green one. I don’t think fishercops have even established a green car fishing day. Cops probably don’t like pulling them over because it reminds them of their loved one’s green eyes, or the pea soup they got sick on.

Yep, when my white car goes…it’s green for me.

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