Monday, September 8, 2008


Do you have an embarrassing story? You bet you do…everyone has at least one. But usually is it embarrassing for one person. My embarrassing story is embarrASSing for 3 of us.

PaulA and I were visiting my sister, SisterSledge, and her husband Daryl, Daryl and Daryl (to the third power.) Not three husbands silly, just one. Anyway, it was a gorgeous summer evening in Vermont, so we decided to visit an outside establishment (okay, an outside bar) on Lake Champlain to have some cocktails and watch the sunset over the Adirondack Mountains. Maybe we would see “Champ” …the Lockness Monster that has been sighted in Lake Champlain (you just know some Vermonter is laughing his ass off over that story he invented.)

The bar was a popular place during sunsets in the summer and this evening was no exception…all the tables were taken. Except one round white plastic table set off to the side. There were no chairs with it, but we figured we could scrounge 4 chairs. We decided to move the table. After all, the table was plastic so it wasn’t heavy.

So Sistersledge, Daryl to the third power, and I (Luckily for PaulA…he was in the bathroom) each grabbed the table, lifted it and carried it through the bar… “excuse us, so sorry, excuse us, pardon us.” After causing much commotion, we got the table to the middle of the bar and agreed it was the perfect place. The three of us let go of the table at the same time, and it crashed to the ground. Unbeknownst to us...we had carried a light-wieght plastic table top through the entire bar...sans legs.

After we dropped it, everyone started laughing. I am telling you…EVERYONE who saw us, was laughing. There wasn’t a rock big enough for the 3 of us to crawl under.

The only good part of embarrASSing yourself in front of 100 total strangers…You never have to see these people again.

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