Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

It’s Labor Day….the last blast of summer. Time for a cookout. What is Labor Day without burgers and hot dogs, the all-American meal for an all-American holiday? Actually, I remember a particular Labor Day with a pig. I’m not talking about anyone in particular… I am talking about a big ass pig with pig ears, 4 pig’s feet and a squiggly tail.

Back in the day when we were young, we lived in a great neighborhood….basically a neighborhood of young families doing the same things. Any chance we could….we would all get together for a party and Labor Day was no exception. One year we decided to roast a pig. Not sure whose idea that one was, but I know it wasn’t mine. I wasn’t particularly excited about seeing a whole pig with an apple in his mouth, rotating and roasting over an open fire pit for 12 hours. I think a few of the neighborhood kids needed psychological counseling after that day.

Our neighbor friend Louie had picked up the pig the night before (not in a bar, smart ass) and needed a place to keep it….so he put it in his bath tub. Might sound crazy, but it wasn’t like he was taking a bath with it. Louie did end up getting intimate with piggly wiggly… when he slipped and fell trying to lift it out of the tub. Louie landed right on top of his fat friend. Again, a few more kids needed psychological counseling after witnessing that encounter.

Have a great Labor Day. Go hog wild and enjoy the last day of summer!

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