Friday, August 29, 2008

Left Behind

When you are the youngest… the baby of the family…eventually you find yourself at home without siblings. One day you take a look around and say “Hey, where did everybody go?” Being the oldest, I did not experience this but as a mother whose youngest is now at home without her big brother and big sister…I am seeing things through Wishy’s eyes.

Bri loves having older siblings…but I know she wishes she had someone behind her…following in her footsteps. With Big C and Col away, Bri is the lucky recipient of all our attention…which can be a pain when you are 17. Sometimes all the attention…the spot light or magnifying glass, is a little too much when you just want to chill. When it’s just the 3 of us at the dinner table…Bri has no one else to take questions….so she can just sit there and eat her mashed potatoes in peace.

Now and again, Chels and Col come home and bail her out. Colinboy is always ready to hang-out with her late at night and play video games and Rock Band. And Chelsea is there for the girly stuff. Once before Chels headed back to college she said to me, “Bri and I have to run some errands.” When they returned, Chelsea lectured me, “Mom…Bri needed a manicure and didn't have any high heels…until now.” Then Chels pulled three pairs of heels from her shopping bag: black, red and animal print…nothing but the essentials.

Sometimes being the one left behind …the baby of the family…isn’t so bad when you have siblings like Big C and Colinboy to look after you…and to check-up on mom…to make sure she is doing her job. Lucky Wishy!

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