Thursday, August 28, 2008

Buried Treasure

Was I ever that young? There is a young family that lives next door to us at the beach. They have three kids – boy/girl/boy instead of the girl/boy/girl sequence we birthed. Their kids are about 15 years younger than ours. Similarly, we both have a Colinboy. Differently, PaulA and I are old as dirt.

As I sit on the beach and watch them from afar, I am reminded of those days. Those days of Chels and Col racing each other up the beach, searching for sea glass, Bri building sandcastles with her Dad…it all comes rushing back. If I’m not careful, the neighbors might look over and see an ole lady with tears sliding down her face from underneath her sunglasses.

Their house is noisy, messy, and chaotic. I guess ours is too….we’re just doing it at different hours. I don’t need to go back in time and do it all again. I’m enjoying everything our brood brings…at their current ages.

But, it is fun remembering the good ole beach days…the excitement found in a newly discovered shell or sea creature, witch stories around the fire, a grand slam sea glass find, family walks to the “Point.” These are memories always to treasure.

Buried treasure…deep in my heart.

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KAT, What a beautiful blog. :)