Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Age Appropriate

It’s not fair…Duncan gets all the compliments. I was walking Duncan and a woman walking her dog stopped and asked me how large my dog will get. Hello?….he’s 10 years old…not a puppy…he’s done growing. Again…that frisky dog is always mistaken as being much younger than he is.

Man do I wish I was Duncandog. I’m so jealous. No one ever mistakes me for 10 – 20 years younger. My friend Patio has a great strategy on age. She says she is going to start telling people she’s 75…so they say, “Oh my, you look great for your age!”

I was thinking Patio’s new strategy on getting compliments might be a good one. Maybe I’ll do the same….maybe I’ll inflate my age so people think I look good.

Only one problem…I’m afraid that in my case, they’ll say…. “Come on…You can’t be 75 years old! You look great….you don’t look a day over 70.” Ouch.

Maybe if I acted frisky and chased my tail…that would help.

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big c said...

you could pass for my twin Katdog, duh