Thursday, September 25, 2008

Slooow Down

Sometimes I get so busy thinking ahead, that I don’t pay attention to what I'm doing at the moment. I’ll be thinking of 4 things at the same time and then take off in my car….get to the end of the street and think, "Hmmm, should I go right, left? Where the heck am I going? Oh yea…grocery store.”…no wonder I keep forgetting.

Like most people, I get in a hurry…and just need to slow down. Once I pulled out my Dunkin' Donuts card to pay for a pair of shoes. Okay, easy mistake…my DDs card is gold…like my credit card. But the other day, I tried to pay for a new outfit with a paint chip that I had in my wallet. “Yarmouth Blue” didn’t cut it. The salesperson made me get out real money. Come on…you gotta agree, a good paint suggestion is worth something.

I have also been known to forget my purse when I'm carrying something else, because for some reason in my little head…I think I have it. Once we were leaving the house for the kids’ doctors appointments and I grabbed a bag of chocolate chip cookies before heading out the door. ( Doesn’t everyone eat chocolate chip cookies before seeing the doctor?) Anyway, we got to the doctor’s office and I realized I just had the bag of chocolate chip cookies…wrong bag. I’m not sure why the receptionist wouldn’t take cookies over my insurance card. But, maybe that is why I am unemployable.

It will help if I slow down…and pay attention to what the heck I am doing….and live in the here and now. Instead of the over there and then.

If I get to your house…and I have a bag of chocolate chip cookies, instead of my handbag… you just might want to let me in. I always share.

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