Monday, September 22, 2008

Jobs and Bulldogs

Finding a job is no picnic or walk in the park. In other words….it’s not easy. I guess that’s why “pounding the pavement” is an appropriate analogy. Good jobs are hard to come by…although I’m sure a job cleaning the latrine in McDonald’s at LaGuardia Airport is available. But like I said, good jobs are hard to come by.

Finding a job requires a little bit of luck…and a whole lot of who you know. Of course, an education helps. I remember I got an interview with the insurance company that PaulA worked for because his softball team manager was from Vermont…us Vermonters gotta stick together. He took my resume and passed it along. I interviewed with another person and I didn’t drool on myself…so they hired me. See what I am talking about…who you know and a little bit of luck.

When we moved to Jacksonville, FL because of a job transfer for PaulA…I had to start all over, pounding the pavement. I managed to get an interview in the Systems Dept. of an insurance company. They say you gotta look the part…to get the part…so I dressed in appropriate business attire…skirt, blouse. No jacket…too damn hot in Jax.

I interviewed with a nice man who ran the department and at the end of the interview he mentioned that I wore the “right” colors. I looked down to see what the heck I was wearing. Red top, black skirt. He said he was an avid Georgia Bulldogs fan (FYI…with Jacksonville being located in northern Florida, you can have both Gator fans and Bulldog fans.) Yep….wearing the right colors…and the fact that I didn’t drool on myself….once again, got me another job. It was definitely a stroke of luck. Heck, I could have easily worn a blue skirt and orange top that day…unknowingly gone Florida Gator style and he might have shown me the door.

To those of you out there who are “pounding the pavement”…take my advice…know somebody, have a little luck and wear the right colors. And remember…don’t drool on yourself.

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