Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Motor Must

The other day I saw two youngsters driving around their yard in one of those motorized cars that runs on rechargeable battery power. I felt guilty watching them enjoy their little car. You see…my kids really wanted one…back in the day.

For some reason, we felt strongly against the motorized car. We thought it seemed so decadent. Besides, what was wrong with the Little Tikes Fred Flintstone mobile that ran on leg power that we bought them? But the three of them really wanted it…had to have it. Unfortunately, all the PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, in the world never worked. They had to live their life… empty, void…without one.

Advance fifteen years….they survived. They learned to drive and got their Driver’s Licenses. We even let them drive a real motorized car…a Ford Escape…which they have all used and abused. Chelsea ran it into a telephone pole and both Chels and Col have left the sun roof open during torrential rainstorms. Colin trashes it with band equipment and runs it through the mud. Bri uses it as a second closet for clothes, paper and water bottles.

The thing they all have in common with the car is leaving it on “E.” Never fails…I get in the car and it barely starts. I’m not sure, but maybe they think a gas fairy is going to “SHAZAM” fill their tank for them….Wait, I guess that’s me.

Now I’m thinking, maybe we should have gotten them the motorized car they begged for. They are using the Escape just like the Little Tikes car...that they left out in the rain ….crashed into stuff…ran through the mud, left juice boxes in.......

And never fueled. They didn’t have to it….because their parents never got them a motorized car that ran on rechargeable battery power.

I’m catching on…..Maybe this is their payback time.

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