Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On My Case

I swear Duncandog is an agent for the FBI and his assignment…Follow that Kat. I’m not sure what the FBI has on me, but they’ve got Duncandog on my case…24/7. I don’t know Duncan's official agent name, but I have one for him… “Agent Pain-in-the-Ass.”

The FBI has done a good job of training Agent Pain-in-the-Ass to follow my every move. I can’t take a step without him jumping up to check my whereabouts. He could be in the middle of a nap…and as soon as I make a move, his head pops up… “Not so fast, Kat. Where do ya think you’re going?”

If I take the trash out to the garage…he has to follow me. If I get the mail…he has to follow me. If I go to the bathroom…he gets the door slammed in his face. The only peace I have from Agent Pain-in-the-ass is when I go upstairs…because we put an invisible fence in the house when he was a puppy. He can't go upstairs without receiving a neck jolt.

I always try to outsmart him. I carry my shoes and tip toe through the house…quietly trying to get out the door. But it never fails, his nose is always on the job. What freaks me out the most is when I look up and see him standing there…staring me down…waiting for me to make a move. What’s worse is when I catch him watching me…from around the corner.

I’m not exactly sure when the FBI recruited him, but this recon mission has gone on long enough. You think at his age he would have slowed down. They ought to throw Agent Pain-in-the-Ass a bone for being the most persistent, attentive, agent ever. Other agents could learn a thing or two from him.

So here I am upstairs in my house…hiding from Agent Pain-in-the-Ass. Okay, FBI….you win. I give up….What do you have on me????

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big C said...

haha! i like this blog. it makes me miss Dunk a bunk!