Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lucky Duck

Beginner’s luck is an interesting phenomenon. Some unassuming “Aw shucks” person appears on the scene and decides to do something and immediately becomes successful…out-performing everyone else. People around them want to clobber them, especially when they’ve been doing something a lot longer.

I have a friend who rarely plays golf …maybe 3 times a summer. She teed up her ball on a Par 3, hit the ball with her driver, and put the ball in the hole…in one. Okay, it’s not fair. Especially when good golfers like PaulA who have golfed for years, have never had a hole-in-one. Sorry to bring that up, PaulA.

I’m sure Hillary Clinton is thinking the same thing about Sarah Palin. Enter, Sarah Palin…an obscure governor from East Snowshoe, Alaska…very removed geographically and not well known outside the frozen tundra. And then McCain chooses her as his V.P. running mate.

Sarah is probably pinching herself…thinking… “What luck I have! I’ve been living in this refrigerator they call a state, have 5 kids driving me crazy with one of them turning me into a grandmother, and I have this ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ albatross around my neck. But I could be going to Disneyland...I mean, Washington."

And Hillary is probably pinching herself…muttering … “How did this happen? I’ve been living this political life forever…putting up with Bill’s shit, doing my time in the Senate. Then this four-eyed newbie appears on the scene and BANG…her tight ass could be sitting in the White House before me.”

But once you really start to play the game….beginner’s luck comes to an end. So calm down…try to feel better PaulA and Hillary. My friend’s luck is way over…she can’t hit a fairway, never mind a green. She last scored 150 for 18 holes.

And Sarah’s lucky streak…well, that is still to be determined. But so far…she’s the luckiest duck in the political pond.

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